Thai Alphabet Has 34 Letters | Documentary Video

Thai Alphabet Has 34 Letters is a documentary video by Apichris Chotichoey, exhibited in CMD Degree Show 2014 ‘CMD Deconstructed’ at Mongkol RCA Studio, 16-18 May 2014. Synopsis: Thai urban lifestyle shifts from living simply nearby a canal to live in a complex city. Changing affects people to live faster. The rushed pace and the convenience life make some rarely used Thai consonant alphabets, disappear from the native’s memory. Director’s Statement: Realizing culture is present, I simplify the representation of my work into transportation and communication in Bangkok, mainly captured daily life at Siam Paragon – Central World. You can read the journal here. This video encourages you to be with present. Things change by time. Nothing lasts forever.   Credit: Produced, Directed, Recorded and Edited : Apichris Chotichoey Camera Equipment : Chatdanai Auesriwong / Krittin Asavasamroeng / Thapanat Buasuk / Sawat Keangpradoo Soundtrack : Thai Alphabet Has 34 Letters – 7bank feat. Jia Pa Bor Sue, Jin Matutamtada Produced : Worramet Matutamtada Music Direction, Written and Co-Produced : Apichris Chotichoey Performed and Rearranged : 7bank / Jia Pa Bor Sue (Natchanol Vattanakuljaras / Sawadechat Puaktes / Phawin Phumarin) / Jin Matutamtada Recording Studio : Bauen Studio Special Thanks : Helena […]
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Ashamed Monument | Short Film

Apichris Chotichoey’s 2012 short film “Ashamed Monument” is a school project from Cinematography class. Ashamed Monument ประชาธิปไตยสีแดง Does democracy really run this country? A Short Film by APICHRIS CHOTICHOEY as a part of 2012-CMD347:CINEMATOGRAPHY PROJECT by Advisor TAIKI SAKPISIT SoA+D, KMUTT copyright © 2013
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