U7 Brand Guideline

Apichris Chotichoey’s U7 Brand Guideline is a school project from Branding & Corporate Identity class. In the class, I created U7 brand from my own interesting and passion combined with marketing research. U7 represents Bangkok rock-based hangout bar&restaurant in a concept of expression. We provide Thai food, drinks and expression court, which is fully supported and encouraging the customer to express their feeling out. U7 came from YOU and 7. YOU represents customer-based service and 7 is from my nickname as I always like to express myself out in rock style. Read the full guideline on ISSUU I also created brand extension’s material. You can check out here.
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SoA+D Designer’s Talk Series 2011-2012 Poster

Apichris Chotichoey’s SoA+D Designer’s Talk Series 2011-2012 poster design is my first professional project, collaborated with Peeranat Choodoung, for School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT’s event.
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